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A Couple Of LED Linear Lighting Options You Should Incorporate Into Your Home

While Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is not new, it has been typically associated with commercial applications. In recent years, though, more and more homeowners have learnt about the numerous advantages that this form of lighting offers such as guaranteed durability and energy efficiency. Hence, LEDs have gradually made their way into residential spaces.

One type of LED lighting that is now garnering popularity is LED linear lighting. Comprising multiple LED bulbs that have assembled in a row, this design has refashioned the applications in which LED lighting would be highly functional for! If you are contemplating lighting installation, here are a couple of LED linear lighting options that you could incorporate into your home.

Suspended linear lighting

As the name implies, this type of linear lighting hangs from wires that have been attached to the ceiling. This style of mounting makes it perfect for spaces with a contemporary or industrial interior design scheme. Suspended LED linear lighting is available in an array of lengths and combinations, which allows you to experiment with different styles to suit the different rooms you choose to install the lighting in.

It should be noted, though, that since the LED linear lighting is suspended, it is best suited to rooms with elevated ceiling height to add visual interest. You could also choose to utilise suspended LED linear lighting as accent lighting, more so over stairways. If your contemporary space is characterised by geometric shapes, you do not have to opt for the straight variety. Instead, the curved profiles would be a better option to complement the design scheme.

Surface linear lighting

This type of LED linear lighting is ideal for walls as well as ceilings. Due to its name, you may associate this type of lighting as exclusively utilitarian but this is not the case. Granted, it is a great inclusion in rooms that you would require task lighting. However, the reason why "surface" is included in the name is, unlike its suspended LED linear lighting counterpart, this type of lighting is installed on a surface. If you have low ceilings in your house, that would not be suited to the suspended variety.

Surface LED linear lighting will be a great way to illuminate the room while adding visual interest to your wall or ceiling. This type of lighting is also suited to areas with limited space that would otherwise remain dark. You can also make use of surface LED linear lighting to accentuate architectural features in your home! For instance, if you have an accent wall that stands out from its extraordinary texture of use of different building supplies, this lighting can be installed above it to highlight its beauty.